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Introducing our
Tooth-by-Tooth Initiative


They say a smile can brighten the darkest day. However, for many low-income individuals, something as “simple” as smiling is not always that simple. Most often times a result of pain and embarrassment, smiles get hidden away. 

The staff and volunteers at More Smiles Wisconsin work tirelessly to provide compassionate dental care for those who have been disproportionately affected by lack of equal access, but they also do so much more than that, they provide a sense of hope and a renewed sense of confidence, but, most importantly, they bring back one’s ability to share their smile with the world!


This year, MSW was incredibly fortunate to receive a sizable donation from Tim & Kathy Mazur allowing us to serve an increased number of individuals. Tim shared his reason for giving and stated,


“I am proud to contribute to More Smiles Wisconsin for the simple reason that the organization is effective and essential. My complicated dental experiences inevitably led me to research how I could positively impact dental care in Dane County for those who can’t afford it. I soon discovered MSW. As I grow increasingly familiar with the tremendous and successful efforts put forth by the team, I feel blessed that I have the opportunity to contribute.”  

—Tim Mazur


As a result of Tim and Kathy’s generosity, MSW is launching a donation match initiative titled Tooth-by-Tooth. By raising matching funds (our goal is $100,000), the total funds will allow MSW to offer oral surgery — a specialty that is inaccessible and unaffordable for most of our patients yet is a significant need (and most often includes wisdom tooth extraction).

How to Help

To make a contribution to our Tooth-by-Tooth Initiative, please use one of these methods:

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Give a smile to someone in need.

Goal: $100,000

Thank you for your support!

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