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AmeriCorps VISTA Program


There are over 7,000 AmeriCorps members in the VISTA program who serve annually to alleviate poverty by helping local organizations expand capacity to make change. 


AmeriCorps members in the VISTA program support an organization to make sustainable change in areas that effect poverty, including education, public health, climate, access to benefits, and more. Through activities such as fundraising, grant writing, research, and volunteer recruitment, they gain professional experience and leadership skills. This opportunity prepares them for a life of service in the public, private, or nonprofit sector.

AmeriCorps VISTA program members are united in their mission to lift people and communities out of poverty.

NOTE: The VISTA position for the 2023–2024 year has been filled. please check back here in the future for other opportunities


AmeriCorps VISTA member Patrick works with a MSW dentist and patient

AmeriCorps VISTA member: Patrick 


“Being given the opportunity to work aside a dentist while striving to become one was a surreal experience. Volunteering at More Smiles WI gave me the opportunity to help out the community as a dental assistant, while also learning more about the field of dentistry, and those two combined made for a great experience. The team at More Smiles WI are such a great group of people and I will truly miss working along side them, helping out the community.”

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