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Dental Hygienist

Job posting (01/02/2024)


More Smiles Wisconsin

Madison, WI 53703

  • $35.00 per hour

Job type
  • Part-time

  • Flexible schedule

  • Flexible shift length shift (4 or 8 hour)

  • Day shift

  • No weekends

  • Work Location: one location


More Smiles Wisconsin is looking for a part-time Registered Dental Hygienist who can make a big impact for patients with big needs. This position is flexible in the number of hours worked per week as well as days worked (shift length and hours are flexible). The position comes with paid lunch breaks, an understanding of the need for work-life balance and lengthy patient appointment times to provide enriching patient care and education. The flexibility of this position could be a perfect fit for anyone looking to supplement their income around an existing full-time job or those with commitments that only allow for a partial work day.


Patient Care Services
  • Perform prophylaxis on adult and child patients, including scaling, subgingivally removing plaque and calculus, and deep scaling when needed

  • Provide fluoride treatments

  • Perform radiographs as a diagnostic tool

  • Perform intra-oral and extra oral screenings and report findings to the dentist

  • Perform initial periodontal evaluations to measure and record pocket depths; chart and report findings to the dentist

  • Administer sealants and/or anesthesia

  • Blood pressure screenings

  • Oral irrigation of perio pockets

Patient Relations
  • Provide direct services in a manner that effectively and positively approaches a patient’s needs and concerns; including disabled or special needs patients

  • Provide appropriate dental education to patients regarding oral health


Administrative Services
  • Interview patients and update health histories prior to treatment

  • Make accurate computer entries for charges, scheduling (to include all recall appointments), treatment plans, patient information changes and verification of information between chart and computer record

  • Enter accurate and complete information in the chart and complete and sign proper forms as appropriate.

  • Route pre-authorization requests to the Clinic Admin

  • Perform other duties as assigned in support of team and clinic operations


QUALIFIED APPLICANTS must currently be licensed to practice dental hygiene in Wisconsin. One year of dental hygiene experience and license to administer local anesthetic preferred but not required.

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