MSW reopen to provide emergency dental care as of 6/2/2020

Effective June 2, 2020, MSW will be open to provide emergency dental care. Our staff will be following new guidelines set in place by OSHA and the CDC in order to provide as safe of an environment in our clinic as possible. Implementing these necessary protocols and ensuring our staff and our patient’s health during the COVID-19 pandemic is of our utmost concern; accordingly, we will be operating more slowly than usual as our staff adjusts to the “new normal”. Please extend your patience during this reopening phase.

Our Care Coordinator will be reaching out to reschedule all nonemergency appointments that were canceled as a result of the COVID-19 closure as we continue to resume full dental services.

More Smiles Facts

Facts About Our Clinic

Each year, More Smiles touches thousands of lives.  The statistics below capture a few of they ways More Smiles gives back to our community.

  • In 2017, our volunteer dentists contributed more than 500 hours of care, totalling more than $49,000* worth of their time
  • The majority of patients seen by More Smiles are in Madison, with 42% coming from just the 53703 zip code
  • 75% of our patients live at or below 100% of the poverty line
  • More Smiles sees slightly more women at our clinic with about 60% female and 40% male patients
  • Nearly 50% of More Smiles patients do not have any dental insurance

Not everything More Smiles does can be captured in numbers.  The stories and life-changing effects of care are even more important to the work we do.  Visit our Patient Stories Page to hear more about real people who have been given back their smile.

*Based on the national Bureau of Labor Statistics average hourly wage for dentists in Wisconsin.


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