Despite his protests, we are delighted to honor Vishy Singh as our January 2017 Volunteer of the Month. He is far too humble to say he is deserving, telling all of us that he’s just doing what he can to help More Smiles Wisconsin. From our perspective, that’s an understatement. Vishy is the type of student who gives 150% and does so while exhibiting class, empathy, and compassion. He’s even responsible for a lot of the wonderful photos we have on our website!

Vishy is from a first-generation immigrant Indian family and knows what it’s like to not have any dental insurance. He and his family moved here several years ago and for a while had struggled to find dental care. His career goal speaks to his huge heart–he wants to become a dentist so he can take care of his family. “I have shadowed a lot of private practice dentists, but what really gets me excited are community health clinics where dentists are really serving those most in need”, he said.

We’re confident he is going to make a fantastic dentist and we’re lucky to have him volunteering!