Meet Emily Fares, More Smiles Wisconsin’s 2016 October Volunteer of the Month.

Emily has been volunteering with More Smiles Wisconsin for a semester and a half. In a very short time, she has become one of our most involved student volunteers. Emily routinely fills in when we are short a volunteer, shows a great deal of compassion towards our patients (whether in person or over the phone), and has become an integral member of our Patient Education Committee.

Emily told us, “My favorite part about More Smiles Wisconsin is that I feel like I can actually make a difference. When I volunteer at other organizations, I often feel like I lack the knowledge or expertise to actually make an impact. But at More Smiles Wisconsin, even without expertise, all you need is the ability to listen, and I’ve taken away so many patient stories with me.”

We are so thankful Emily gives her time to us because she is a busy woman! Emily is a Neurobiology major working in two different labs, works as a “Respite Provider” for people with developmental disabilities, and is an officer for the Undergraduate Neuroscience Society. She also loves to do yoga and cooks in her spare time (but we’re still trying to figure out when she has spare time).

Emily highly encourages other students to get involved. “More Smiles Wisconsin is not just a clinic to get shadowing hours, it’s a community. If you want to help people and learn more about yourself, More Smiles Wisconsin provides you a chance to grow. The biggest thing I have learned so far is that there is always more to a person than you might think. When someone tells me over the phone ‘Thank you for taking time to talk to me’, it makes me realize that a little bit of your time can mean the world to another person.”

While all of us at More Smiles Wisconsin are trying to convince her to go to dental school, Emily is actually in our small cadre of volunteer students who are not pre-dental. As of right now, she is considering pursuing her Master’s in Nursing and has interests in women’s health. Whatever Emily decides, the field she enters will be lucky to have her!