Dr. Holthaus has been volunteering at More Smiles Wisconsin for almost two years now. When he moved to Monona, one of his friends, who is also a patient of Dr. Laura Tills, recommended that he volunteer. He contacted Dr. Tills and the rest was history; he joined the ranks as one of our retired volunteers.

Dr. Holthaus was not always a dentist, and in fact began his career as a chemical engineer. “I wasn’t exactly happy with my work and I met two dentists who had also happened to once be chemical engineers; it got me thinking about dentistry”, he told us. Dr. Holthaus explained that he became a dentist by coincidence and luck, but was much happier in his new path. “I found the patient relationships to be the most rewarding aspect”, he said.

We routinely hear from our students, assistants, and hygienist volunteers that they love working with him and genuinely enjoy seeing him in clinic. We aren’t surprised to hear this considering how outgoing and personable. When asked what his favorite part about volunteering at More Smiles Wisconsin, Dr. Holthaus said “I love working with the students. They are all working so hard, are so nice, and I really admire them”.

Dr. Holthaus has gone above and beyond as a volunteer dentist–showing a great deal of empathy and compassion towards our patients, offering to fill in as needed when we are short a volunteer, and taking it upon himself to provide our student volunteers with an educational experience. He encourages more dentists to consider volunteering, telling us “A dentist will find out that the work of More Smiles Wisconsin is even more rewarding than your regular practice. The volunteering aspect and More Smiles Wisconsin’s patients really make it special.”