Dentistry runs in the Farrow family. Dr. Farrow started early, working in his Dad’s office sterilizing instruments and working with plaster when he was young. He learned to earnestly love the practice of dentistry and is happy following the family tradition.

Dr. Farrow treats patients like guests in his home–like a neighbor or friend. This practice is one of the few where you really get FACE TIME with your dentist. Dr. Farrow doesn’t just pop in for a harried checkup after your cleaning—he’s there asking questions and encouraging you to do the same. The slower pace and personal relationship harken back to a more nostalgic era, but is complemented by a modern practice with the latest tools and techniques.

Patients trust Dr. Farrow because they know he cares about them. He provides services and gives advice on a personal basis. Every last tooth on every last patient receives expert consideration. The patient’s best interest is always at the heart of everything Monroe Street Family Dentistry does. In some cases this means having hard but honest conversations about dental hygiene and gum care. Having these conversations is delicate, but having them early is essential. Because Dr. Farrow is candid and approachable, he can help people develop healthy habits and evaluate their dental health choices.

His practice is built on his strong belief in helping others, supporting individual health and building a strong community. Dr. Farrow volunteers at More Smiles Wisconsin. With other volunteer dentists and in the partnership with MEDIC, a medical student-run organization, he provides dental care for the Medicaid, BadgerCare, and uninsured population.