Randy is one of those patients that makes this work so worthwhile. A long time veteran who had been unemployed from a very good manufacturing job for so long, he lost everything up to and including his home – now living with his daughter. We met Randy last year at our Dane/Dodge Dental Day out at Church Health Services in Beaver Dam where we collaborated to provide a day of care in their facility where 100 individuals were treated in a single 8-hour shift!

More Smiles Wisconsin will never forget a handful of patients for the rest of our days for a variety of reasons. Randy is one of them. Towards the end of the evening in Beaver Dam, it was looking like we weren’t going to be able to get him in. He sat in the church basement and basically pleaded with us. This quiet, polite man had tears in his eyes. He indicated he had struggled with his teeth for most of his life, and him not having any income or access to care for the last decade really took its toll. He was in pain, and couldn’t eat properly. We told Randy to contact our Executive Director directly to see what More Smiles Wisconsin could do.

He did. Aaron debriefed our own leadership as this was a bit out of scope for us – a patient from rather far away, and at a time when we were just building our denture program. Well, a year later, and you can all see how the story ends.

We can not press enough just how important the work our volunteers provide at More Smiles Wisconsin. How so very impactful it is to people’s lives. We hear how “things” change peoples lives all the time. THIS is the real deal. Our More Smiles Wisconsin volunteers changed Randy’s life by returning his ability to smile, speak well, and chew properly – things we all take reasonably for granted.