More Smiles Wisconsin’s goal is always to save teeth if we can. Simply put, there is no better option than your natural teeth. But some of our patients haven’t had access to dental care in years, and by the time they make it to More Smiles Wisconsin, the teeth are no longer restorable.

A partial/denture is a good option for those patients. Not only does it return their smile, it boosts confidence, increases a person’s chance of finding employment, and compared to a toothless individual, can improve overall nutrition.

Making a denture is expensive, costing roughly $500 each patient! Our patients simply cannot afford that cost.

Take it from Cindy, the patient in the photo, who told us that life without teeth was miserable. Now that More Smiles Wisconsin has made her a denture, she said she feels comfortable going out into the world again. “I used to stay home all the time, embarrassed about my smile. But now, I’m ready to get back out into the community again”, she said.

There are more patients like Cindy who need your help. With $5,000, More Smiles Wisconsin will have enough funds for an entire year. That’s an entire year worth of new smiles and renewed confidence.

Please donate now. All donations are tax deductible and More Smiles Wisconsin is a non-profit 501(c3).