“One visit can change a child’s smile and life.”

Currently, more than 2500 club members receive social services through the Boys & Girls Club of Dane County (BGCDC). Over 70% of their members are Medicaid eligible. After completing an oral health assessment, our results revealed that more than half of BGCDC members hadn’t seen a dentist in more than a year and 28 percent reported having dental pain.

This clinic addresses the needs of BGCDC members and individuals from the community at or below 200% of the federal poverty line. More Smiles Wisconsin is seeking funds to support the continued operations and supply costs for running this clinic. We are committed to removing the inability to pay as a barrier to patient service. We accomplish this through fundraising and in-kind donation requests for clinic dental supplies. Lowering these expenses directly increases our ability to serve more patients.

Dane County statistics:

  • More than 25,000 children are enrolled in Medicaid. In 2014, a total of 7,909 Dane County children age 0 – 5 were covered by BadgerCare. Only 31% of these children received a fluoride varnish application—a simple, inexpensive procedure that helps prevent cavities and is covered by Medicaid.
  • Fifty-three percent of young Black children and 37% of Latino children are living below poverty level, compared to 6% of young White children in the county
  • Black children made up the highest percentage of Madison Metropolitan School District students reporting urgent dental care needs.

Please donate now. All donations are tax deductible and More Smiles Wisconsin is a non-profit 501(c3).

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