Imagine the following scenario:  Your monthly income is $2,000 with a family of four. You only have one car. More Smiles Wisconsin just scheduled you an appointment because you have an excruciating toothache. The day before the appointment, your car breaks down and you have no money to fix it. None of your family and friends are able to help you make your appointment. You’re in pain, but you don’t have the money to fix your car, so you regretfully cancel your appointment and continue to deal with the pain.

There are many barriers to accessing dental care for our patients. One barrier that often goes unnoticed is transportation. Those patients who do have their own car oftentimes don’t have money for gas. With your support, More Smiles Wisconsin can support the cost of taxi-rides to the clinic in the event of unforeseen events and for those patients who cannot afford the cost of getting to our clinic.

Please donate now. All donations are tax deductible and More Smiles Wisconsin is a non-profit 501(c3).