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AmeriCorps VISTA position

NOTE: The VISTA position for the 2023–2024 year has been filled. please check back here in the future for other opportunities

More Smiles Wisconsin (MSW) is accepting applications for a 2022–2023 AmeriCorps VISTA position! This role is a wonderful opportunity and is open to all. We would love for you to join the INCREDIBLE Team at MSW!


More Smiles Wisconsin

Madison, WI 53703


More Smiles Wisconsin Dental Clinic is an AmeriCorps VISTA Host Site through WAFCC (Wisconsin Association of Free and Charitable Clinics). WAFCC VISTA Members and Associations help create access to quality health care for the uninsured and underserved populations in Wisconsin  

Some of the job duties MSW’s VISTA will help with/ be responsible for are:
  • Find and participate in community outreach activities to bring awareness to MSW’s existence, services provided, etc.

  • Communicate community outreach activities and events to our Social Media Coordinator for promotion.

  • Collaborate with our Social Media Coordinator on promotional content. 

  • Collaborate with our Community Outreach Coordinator on Activities and Events.


We at MSW look forward to hosting another AmeriCorps VISTA Soon!!

Click below for more details and to apply, and scroll down to read about a recent AmeriCorps member’s experience working with MSW.


AmeriCorps VISTA member Patrick works with a MSW dentist and patient

AmeriCorps VISTA member 
Patrick's story


“Being given the opportunity to work aside a dentist while striving to become one was a surreal experience. Volunteering at More Smiles WI gave me the opportunity to help out the community as a dental assistant, while also learning more about the field of dentistry, and those two combined made for a great experience. The team at More Smiles WI are such a great group of people and I will truly miss working along side them, helping out the community.”

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